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Gav Barbey

"Everything we observe is changing moment by moment… it has no inherent static nature… the illusion of state, a finite, is only a perception, a philosophy of the mechanics. For in my work that mechanical would be the choice of pigment, amount of water, the freezing, choice of canvas, melting, temperature and environment, drying, light and atmosphere. The illusion in this is that it does not then consider or perceive the intention. The intention for me as the artist, being the most important truth. My emotional mental thought plays part in the reality of each work. My ice works are not ‘abstractions'. They may be only the pictorial flow of emotions; organic journeys, mine, yours the audiences. As much meditated upon as my figurative lyrical line drawings or polymer pours. They are not just objects they are stories, songs, emotions - for the viewer to read of their own imaginations.”


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