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Chris Kenyon

Chris Kenyon's artworks can be described as impressionist landscapes with a strong leaning towards abstraction. Unlike most impressionists, Chris is more interested in structural details, not vistas. He enjoys investigating the ‘bones’ of nature: dissecting and extracting strong linear forms. The paint is applied loosely, layered and thatched away. Chris likes to build it up, as well as wipe over and even paint out previously painted areas. This enhances the sense of depth and reflection, creating vague shadows and rhythms. Seasons are insinuated through dribbles of paint and relaxed brushwork on a range of surfaces. Expansive spaces and opaque washes of earthy quiet colours are integral to the process. The study of etching has allowed Chris to incorporate it into his artwork since 2007. This additional technique has enabled him to refine his work, adding new dimensions and therefore feelings. His home and studio are located in bushland on a river. The only access is by boat, over an ever-changing body of water. This close connection with nature has had a profound influence on his work. His painting is now taking on a more rhythmical and sinuous quality, culminating in a stronger, more abstract format, which is a reflection of experience. This is a result of the maturing of his visual language.


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