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Shane Dunn

In a world where explanations and motivations are asked of us daily, Shane Dunn invites the viewer to be enveloped by the movements of the paper and his brush strokes; interpreting the work as they see fit. Influenced by mid 20th Century abstract expressionism, he wishes to express all he sees in the abstract. He distills and dissects nature to its true form, its natural elements, fragmenting it, until all representation of it is no longer evident, so that the viewer is left with the truth of it rather than the form of it, resulting in a poised and elegant composition. Abstraction for Shane Dunn is not just about making pretty patterns. His background in design and textiles has clearly influenced the nature of his work, but his work is about the essence and foundation of the natural world. However, he stresses, that the view should take pleasure in deciphering what the work is communicating and not seek an explanation from him. It is what it is.


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